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Jan 27, 2009

In my third installment I have a couple of guests in the workshop - Mark and Trish (aka The PhlatBoyz). We shoot the breeze for a while discussing the PhlatPrinter, flying, the weather, etc. I got to try out some indoor flying with my two newest planes and have included links to those videos. Also, my "Steals Of The...

Jan 19, 2009

In this installment I talk about the Swap Meet I attended last weekend, some of the planes I'm working on (including my versions of the Mini Arrow and Leadfeather's PBF), and I answer Joe's question regarding the hinging methods I use.

Some links to the sites I mentioned:

Leadfeather's PBF
My Version of Lead's PBF...

Jan 13, 2009

Hurray! I've finally got the first installment of TheCrashCast up! In this episode, I give thanks where they're due. I also talk a little about my indoor flying session (my first flying for 2009) as well as bring you some of my well known "Steals Of The Week". I'll post some links here to some of the stuff I mentioned...