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Aug 29, 2010

In this 83rd show, we do a little "call-back" to some older material that we have some updates for (otherwise, not a whole lot going on LOL). I was able to get my Millennium RC MicroSSX finished and maidened, so I do a quick review of my experience with this cool little (and I MEAN little) plane.


Micro SSX


Aug 22, 2010

In this 82nd installment we discuss an exciting new product from Horizon, a potential solution for people with module-based JR radios that want 2.4ghz without using the Spektrum module, a DIY project for people wanting use use a hot-wire system instead of an X-acto, and the RCadvisor explains Carlos' Power Rule!


Aug 15, 2010

This week we talk about some cool things discovered on the interwebs (lost plans found, LED tutorials, CNC information, etc,), some letters I've received, and a great Old Timer design that I contributed to.



The XB-70 Dorsal Received This Week


Tweakie's VERY Informative Site

Eric's SUPER Detailed...

Aug 8, 2010

Just like clock-work, we're back with an 80th installment this week, but alas, it's just been so stinkin' hot that we just don't have a lot of RC talk this week. If you know us, though, you'll know that both Dorsal and I are really into CNC machines to support our respective RC 'habits'. I spent some significant time in...

Aug 1, 2010

We're back this week for our 79th show, and this time we've got a guest in the workshop - Mr. Greg Markley from WMParkFlyers. During our visit with Greg, we get a little insight as to how he's creating and painting the kits he sells, as well as some new kits that will be coming soon to his site.


Warbirds Over...