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Feb 26, 2015

Just the general chit-chat this week. We discuss the group build of Laine and Joel's Balsa Cuda kit and the crazy weather we've been experiencing. Also we finally get a chance to dig in to the mailbag and share the cool letters we've received.


CheapDrones Folding 300

Charp Who?

Rocky Mountain Unmanned Systems

Feb 19, 2015

For the last several days I've been worrying about recording this show. My seasonal allergies have been causing all kinds of issues resulting in awful fits of coughing and wheezing whenever I try to do things like, well...TALK! As it turned out, there was no need to worry, because our team is quite capable without me....

Feb 12, 2015

This week we've got CNC Vacuum Tables, Points to Ponder, Cathead's DIY Aluminum Foundry, and a bunch of other stuff. I promise, though - no recipes were shared in this one. LoL


Flyability Gimball




IOTW - Fox News

This Weeks Slideshow...

Feb 5, 2015


Here we are again with yet another opportunity to waste your time. It's mainly just news and updates this week.


Educate, Don't Regulate (Thanks, DougBo!)

AMA Reacts To Obama

The Born-Again Christian... (Our buddy, Jake!)

RC Millenium Falcon!

EMaglio's Tricopter and New Quad!

CrashTestHobby (I got the Assassin...