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Apr 28, 2016

In this week's show we start our recap of SEFF 2016. Now that we've all had time to get home, unwind, and decompress a bit, we attempt to capture the spirit of this annual pilgrimage as best we can. Lots of fun and stories in this one!

Check out the videos below, courtesy of Martijn Kruissen!


Do You Even Launch?...

Apr 21, 2016

Episode 353 is full of all kinds of tips in regards to setting up your own charging station, as most of our group got to see some very creative solutions during our meeting last week.



Lenovo Stick 300 Computer

Dual USB Cigaretter Lighter Socket

LCD Digital Display MultiMeter

Drew's SketchUp Template...

Apr 7, 2016

This 352nd installment of our show should land while most of our group is in transit to SEFF 2016. In this one we share our 'accommodations' (campers, tents, etc.) for this big event, as well as the goodies that we are intending to bring to fly.

Let's face it, this is another blow-off show - our attempt to entertain and...