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Nov 5, 2015

As much as your hosts LOVE CNC machining, this week we're here to share lots of information regarding cutting foam manually with a hot wire! We cover power supplies, bows (and other apparatus, too), wires - just about everything you need to know to add these techniques to YOUR building skills. Hang on! We've got LOTS of links this week!


BuddyRC Now Sells HMB Frames!

Flite-Test Community Cast (Another show for us RCers!)

SBA On The Radio (GREAT Radio spot!)

Universal FPV Cam Mount (Print it yourself)

Universal FPV Cam Mount (Buy it from the designer)

LainesPlanes Is LIVE!

Inexpensive Foam-Cutter Power Supply

My Videos For Above PS - Video 1, Video 2

Transformer Source

My Favorite Hot-Wire Power Supply

Power Supply AND LiPo Charger

NiChrome Wire Source

NiChrome Wire Calculator

Rene Wire (The BEST!)

TEKOA FeatherCut

DIY Drop Arm Cutter

Hot-Wire Cutter System On The Cheap!

GREAT Info From Utah Flyers (This is a MUST READ)

Easy DIY Hot-Wire Scroll Saw

Hobby Lobby Hot-wire Cutter

Flying Foam (EPP Source)

Model Plane Foam (XPS Source)

RC Foam

Liquid Sheeting From WowPlanes

CNC Hot-Wire Cutter Plans (I had one of these)

FoamWorks (The BEST software for CNC Hot-Wire Cutting)