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Sep 17, 2015

This week you'll find tht our crew is all a bit off kilter, especially after our rocky start. Lots of show links this week, as we covered lots of ground. We hope that you enjoy this nonsense. LoL


Crash's New CNC Router Is ALIVE!

International Drone Racing Association (FB)

Kevin's Raiden Files (Thanks, Kevin!)

HHAEFI 2015!

RMRC FPV Fest 2015 Coverage

Heli/FPV Extravaganza Prizes

VTX Calculator App For Android and iOS

MultiRC HMB-180 (Did you get the secret coupon code in this show?)

MultiRC Motor On Sale!

The Squeech Can Now Be Had

New ZMR Hulk Arms (Hulk NO Smash!)

Build A Home For Your Phantom (Or ANY MultiRotor)

FPV Racing On A Go Cart Track (Thanks, BMSWeb!)

Op-Ed On Life-Saving Technology (Prepare for the rant!)

RTFQs Has The LittleBee ESCs In Stock! (And ladies fashion, too! LoL)

This Week's Slideshow Pics

Our Swedish friend (we call him Alex the Swede, since none of us know how to pronounce his last name LoL), is moving from North Carolina to California. During his westward journey, he's promised to snag video from his FPV flights along his journey. Be sure to subscribe to Alex's YouTube Channel so you can see those videos as soon as they post!